The Anterivo lupin, colloquially also called Anterivo coffee, and in the local dialect called “Voltruier coffee” is a rough-seeded lupine (Lupinus pilosus Murr). It has been grown in Anterivo for more than 100 years. This blue flower has long been used as a coffee substitute and to refine foods.

Anterivo coffee
Anterivo coffee is a mixture of lupins with barley, wheat or figs. The production of lupin coffee in the 1.200 m high Anterivo was tradition until the triumph of the coffee bean chains Meinl, Tschibo and Illy. After decades of being virtually forgotten, some farmers in the village rediscovered this typical beverage.
Some pruducts like chocolate and beer you will find directly in the shop at Anterivo!

Medicinal Anterivo coffee
When cows suffered from digestive problems or wind they were given lupins in the form of tea, refined with peppermint and wormwood.

Lupinus - Anterivo beer
Water, barely malt, hops, lupins and yeast are the ingredients for Lupinus - Anterivo beer.
The beer is neither filtered nor pasteurised - a sip of pure nature.

Chocolate with Anterivo coffee
Chocolate refined with Anterivo lupin is a sweet temptation.

Schnapps from the blue flower
Do you like your drink a little stronger? Then you should try the schnapps made from Anterivo lupins.

Flowery cheese delight
A special delicacy: cheese flavoured with Anterivo lupin.