Aldino, Anterivo, Passo Oclini, Redagno and Trodena are all situated in the mountains. It is therefore only logical that it’s up and down all around them. The pastures and woods stretch right up to the houses and the rocks are close enough to touch. Hiking is our big thing - you would not be the first who suddenly discovers an interest in fossils and alpine flowers or watch marmots and chamois.

Geoparc Bletterbach - Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage
The Bletterbach Gorge in Aldino-Redagno offers insights into millions of years of earth history. Since the last ice age, some 18,000 years ago, Rio delle Foglie dug its way over 8 kilometres up to 400 metres depth through the various geological eras. Here you discover fossils and learn fascinating facts about the formation of the Dolomites.

Holidays in Monte Corno nature park
Holidays in Monte Corno nature park excite thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the biodiversity of flowers and animals, blossoming meadows, wetlands and moorlands. Go on a journey of discovery on your holidays in Monte Corno nature park!

The Schwarz-Weiß-Trail
The SchwarzWeiss Long-Distance Hiking Trail is currently the only long-distance hiking trail in the Unterland district of South Tyrol. When traversing this trail, you can appreciate the stark contrasts which dominate South Tyrol and which are especially visible in the Unterland district, along the Truden Faultline: linguistic boundaries, historical borders, interesting rock formations, magnificent mountains and luscious valleys, alpine and mediterranean climate zones, as well as Schwarz (“black”) and Weiss (“white”). Every locality has its own unique characteristics which you can experience in depth during the individual village tours.

Information about picking mushrooms
Do you love chanterelles and mushrooms? Our forests offer these special delicacies. Before you set off, please obtain the necessary license from the tourist information offices and find out on which day and how many kilograms you are allowed to pick.