In July and August there are children’s afternoons at the nature park house. Experiencing nature through play, observation and discovery. Experiencing nature with all the senses, discovering the diversity of animals and plants, but most of all plenty of fun and games.
Children from 6-12 years are encouraged to enjoy nature.

Children’s programme:
The supervisors take the children on a short excursion. After arriving at a suitable place, the fun and games begin. The focus in on helping children to understand nature and to re establish the lost connection between people and nature. Children are open to the beauty of nature. They can discover much on their own and learn to appreciate it. Children experience with hands, heart and head.
The games are structured according to various environmental themes and require skill, concentration and imagination. Out in nature children can observe, discover and try out. In between, they can charge around and burn off energy. The nature park supervisor team uses these games to teach children enjoyment of plants and animals and to discover interesting facts.

The events take place in all weathers. In bad weather, the group stays in the nature park house and discovers nature through craft activities requiring dexterity. Children particularly love felting with sheep’s wool, making small items such as key rings etc.