1321 - 2021 700 years of Altrei - that has to be celebrated!

It was not until this summer that this special festival could finally be celebrated. Various events, film footage of the special features of the "Voltruier", its associations and inhabitants and a big ceremony in September with a rich supporting programme for young and old welcomed all those interested. The live-style pictures give an insight into this wonderful celebration!

In addition, the municipality of Altrei invited everyone to a closing party on 25 November in the culture hall Altrei, where the two new books "Voltruier Bsunderheiten" and "700 Jahre tirolische Rodungssiedlung Altrei und der Sonderfall Hornberg" were presented to the village population and all those interested. The film "Die Voltruier leben besser!" was also presented for the first time. With simultaneous translation for all Italian-speaking inhabitants of Altrei and guests, all those interested were able to follow the speeches and the filming without any problems.
The village of just under 400 souls showed once again how well they can celebrate together and that they are all active with their inner peace and camaraderie among themselves with many different associations. Both languages find equal space here and all those who feel at home here are very welcome!