Catinaccio and Latemar are the names of the mountain range and of two impressive mountains.

Catinaccio, a series of peaks, stretches over approx. eight kilometres. With 3,004 m Catinaccio d'Antermoia is the tallest of the peaks, Catinaccio peak is at an altitude of 2,981 m. The beauty of Catinaccio is particularly evident at sunset when the rocks glow in a fiery red, giving the mountain range a fantastic look: the beautiful alpenglow, also called Enrosadira.

Latemar is situated south of Catinaccio. The Latemar mountains are separated from Catinaccio by Passo Costalunga. The views of the Latemar mountains from Lago di Carezza are particularly beautiful. Here, you can see the mountains twice: once for real and once as a mirror image in the lake.