Aldino is one of the oldest settlements on Monte Regolo, situated on an undulating plateau between Montagna and Monte San Pietro. You can enjoy holidays in Aldino in the villages of Aldino, Olmi, Passo Oclini and Redagno. Mountain meadows, fields and pastures characterise the views in your holidays in Aldino. The “twins” Corno Bianco and Corno Nero are the backdrop.

As the ancient records show, the area around Aldino was first inhabited by the Baiovarii. Aldino is mentioned in a deed issued by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in 1175. Today, the inhabitants of the region around Monte Regolo are still occasionally called “Hessians”, which indicates that not all immigrants came from Bavarian region.

Aldino is the home of important personalities such as Cardinal J. B. Franzelin, one of the initiators of the first Vatican Council, and Baron Andreas Alois Dipauli von Treuheim, President of the Austrian Supreme Court during the Napoleonic era and the Congress of Vienna, who grew up in Aldino as a farmer’s son and orphan.

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