Parish church of Aldein

General description

First documented mention of a church in Aldein was in 1309, according to excavations it was a Romanesque church with two apses. The masonry dates back to the 12th Century back. In the second half of the 15. cwntury a new church was built which was expanded to the west in 1841/42. A special feature is the pulpit, which is on the roof of Moses with the tablets of the law and above it the St. Spirit shows and the life-size statue of the Heart of Jesus.

description to arrive at destination

Coming from Auer or Neumarkt you drive along the Fleimßtaler Street until the turn-off to Aldein/Maria Weißenstein. From there approx. 6 km along the main road to Aldein and take the road on the right into the village centre until you reach the car park.

The church at first was dedicated to Saint Helena, nowadays Saint Jacobus and Saint Helena are its guardians.

You can find a car park in the village centre.

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