The ingredients are all there for a spectacular autumn in the castles and manors of the Alto Adige Wine Road. Several prestigious concerts, combined with the excellent wines of this territory, will be held in the ancient walls of the towns that unfold on one of Europe's most beautiful wine routes. From the 18th of October to the 2nd of November 2024, local wines, the stories behind their production and great music will be the protagonists of the second edition of WineSounds on the Alto Adige Wine Road. The audience of the appendant concerts will be offered the musical performance and the chance to taste and enjoy a beautiful selection of wines in unique locations.

An initiative of the Alto Adige Wine Road Association in collaboration with the Tourist Associations of Nalles, Andriano, Terlano, Appiano, Caldaro al Lago, Termeno, Bassa Atesina, Castelfeder and Laives Bronzolo Vadena as well as the Tourist Board Bolzano.

Here are some impressions of the concert by the Alpin Lounge Orchestra at the Kulturhaus Bronzolo/Branzoll as part of the first edition of WineSounds on the Alto Adige Wine Road 2023: