For delicious fruit to be harvested in autumn, the apple orchards must be tended and cared for throughout the year.

Tasks in spring

  • New areas must be planted in spring. The soil must be dug over and the young trees transferred from their nurseries into the ground.
  • Bees pollinate the apple blossoms to ensure a rich harvest.
  • During cold nights the fruit grower keeps a close eye on the temperatures. If those fall below zero degrees Celsius the farmers activate the frost protection irrigation. The heat released when the ice is formed protects the vulnerable apple blossoms from low temperatures.

Tasks in summer

  • The fruit grower removes surplus and damaged fruit.
  • During dry periods the apple trees are irrigated by means of crown irrigation or drop irrigation.
  • The grass in the apple orchards is cut and left on the ground. It is an important source of food for the micro-organisms in the soil.
  • The fruit trees are regularly checked for pests and beneficial insects. Appropriate environmentally friendly pesticides are used - only if necessary and only as much as required.
  • Over-long shoots on the trees are removed or tied downwards.

Tasks in autumn

  • The apple harvest calls. The necessary machinery is put in order and the empty large boxes are collected from the marketing company.
  • The farmer completes the formal records and submits them to Quality Control.
  • After the harvest is completed, the fruit grower takes soil samples for analysis and fertilises the planting area accordingly.
  • If a new planting area is planned, the old trees are taken out, their roots are removed and the soil is ploughed.

Tasks in winter

  • The apple grower cuts strong, superfluous shoots near the top of young trees and ties any steeply rising shoots downwards. This encourages the growth of fruit buds. Superfluous shoots of productive trees are cut, and the old wood is pruned to encourage renewal.
    Young trees and productive trees are cut to a “Christmas tree” shape: This structure allows the most light, ensures a good colour and quality of the apples and regular yields.