The municipality of Bronzolo on the South Tyrolean wine route with its 3000 inhabitants is first mentioned in the records in 1181. It is situated on the broad scree that was created to avoid the dangers of the previously frequent flooding of the Adige. The name is likely to be derived from the Germanic first name of Berinza.

The long-standing tradition as a wine and fruit growing region is evidenced by Roman finds which include burial objects and a vine knife. In addition to wine growing there was trade in wood and a flourishing porphyry mining industry. Bronzolo is the northernmost point of shipping on the Adige river, which accounts for its importance as a hub for goods traffic, especially for the Bolzano trade fairs.

Today Bronzolo on the South Tyrolean wine route is still characterised by wine and fruit growing; porphyry mining also still plays a major role. The warm, sandy and rocky soil is particularly suitable for growing Cabernet but also for Merlot, Lagrein and Vernatsch.

With its Romanesque - late Gothic San Leonardo church Bronzolo has one of the most beautiful church squares in South Tyrol. The historic village centre is surrounded by stately homes.

Enjoy your holidays in Bronzolo and the advantages of its ideal location.

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