The municipality of Vadena with just over 1000 inhabitants was first recorded in 860 as Vatina, in 1242 as Fatena and in 1371 as Phaetena. In archaeological circles this small region is known for its late Bronze age and early Iron age burial site Maso Stadio.

In the district of Vadena there are two castle ruins. The first is Castelvarco on Passo di Novale al Varco. The Roman road Via Claudia Augusta once ran across this pass, also called “Coyote Pass” by the locals. The other ruin is that of Castelchiaro on the southern slope of Monte di Mezzo. Also within the Vadena boundaries are the hamlets of Campi al Lago on Lago di Caldaro and the Felsenkeller, a wine cellar carved into the porphyry. Unfortunately, the winery of the Province of South Tyrol is only open to the public on a few days a year.

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