Light+Food+Music Festival Luci sul Ponte – Lichterbrücke

The bridge of Vadena/Pfatten is a place of identity and significance for the inhabitants of the municipality of Vadena and the province: modern and avant-garde, it crosses the Adige River and unites the communities of Bronzolo/Branzoll, Vadena/Pfatten and Laives/Leifers, which, thanks to the bridge, can follow their activities on a daily basis.

For the Luci sul Ponte (Lights on the Bridge) event, for an entire evening, the road across the bridge will be closed to traffic and an artistic performance with a strong contemporary connotation will take shape and develop on the bridge: music, games of sound and light, accompanied by a dinner with an elegant and refined atmosphere that highlights the wine and products of the territory.

Creating the right atmosphere will be the light installation by artist Giorgio Seppi, who knows how to emphasise the lights on the bridge. The territory and the proximity to the water are also reflected in the culinary accompaniment of the evening: fish and old traditional dishes will be served, accompanied by wines from the Laimburg Winery.

Free entry