The South Tyrolean Wine Road is one of the oldest wine routes in Italy. It begins in Nalles and continues via Bolzano through the surrounding areas of Oltradige and Bassa Atesina to Salorno, the border of South Tyrol. At the Roma Wine Festival in 2009 the South Tyrolean Wine Road was declared the most beautiful of Italy’s 140 wine routes. The judges recognised in particular the perfect interplay of wine, scenery, culture and tourism. Along the wine route the villages of Nalles, Terlano, Andriano, Appiano, Caldaro, Termeno, Cortaccia, Magré, Cortina, Salorno, Ora, Montagna, Egna, Vadena, Bronzolo and the provincial capital and wine city of Bolzano invite visitors to enjoy and experience wine.

By bike, motorbike or in a convertible - on your own or in a group: Excursions through the wine villages along the wine route with over 4,000 ha of the total of over 5,000 ha of vineyard acreage in South Tyrol, are pure fun.