11 May 2019

Apples: crunchy, fresh and all-round perfect. In May 2017 the big apple festival took place in Laives for the first time. Via Kennedy and Via Pietralba became a strudel street in which a 200 m long strudel was rolled out. There were also various apple-related delicacies: from typical “Apfelkiachln” fritters or deliciously fruity cocktails to tastings of various apple delicacies. The apple festival offered something for every taste.

The varied supporting programme began with an early morning get-together for a drink and went on with a selection of musical highlights. The apple lounge was opened all day for relaxation and tasting amazing drinks. The festival ended with an apple party where a DJ got you to dance until the early hours.

There were also children’s activities focusing on apples, such as crafts and painting.

The apple festival will be held every two years, stay tuned for news about the edition of 2019!