Swiss mountain pine, Pinus Sarentinensis in Latin - grows in Val Sarentino, above the tree-line at 1600 to 2300 m, in acidic soil rich in nutrients. In the winter the Swiss mountain pine is covered in plenty of snow, in the summer it benefits from the full energy of the sun. These extreme changes in temperature and the special location ensure that the essential oil is rich in over 100 beneficial constituents. It takes some 250 kg of Swiss mountain pine needles to produce one litre of the essential oil with the quality seal “Swiss mountain pine”. The natural oil is filtered from the needles using steam distillation.

In these parts, Swiss mountain pine is an important item in people’s domestic medicine cabinets. The power of this mountain plant is used for rheumatism, gout, muscle tension and circulatory problems. The essential oil is also used to improve the atmosphere of rooms, in baths, saunas and for compresses. The beauty products Trehs® that contain Swiss pine oil, get their name from the ancient Sarentino witch Trehs.
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