South Tyrol is the single largest apple growing region in Europe, stretching across an area of 18 ha, or over 25,000 football pitches. Especially during the apple blossom in April the orchards offer a pink feast for the eyes. Also stunningly beautiful are the blossoms protectively covered in ice after frosty nights.

Every tenth apple in the EU and every second apple in Italy comes from South Tyrol. The province is also the largest supplier of organic apples in Europe. Protected by the Alps in the North and open to the South, South Tyrol offers ideal conditions for growing apples. Over 300 days and over 2000 hours of sunshine a year, and with the interplay of warm days and cold nights, give the round fruit its delicious sweetness and special aroma.

Some 20 types of apple, 13 of them with the appellation of origin PGI (protected geographical indication), are grown in South Tyrol. This designation guarantees the certified quality of South Tyrolean apples. Golden Delicious PGI is one of the predominant apples: When ripe, it is very sweet with only a hint of sour and an aroma of aniseed, cinnamon, honey and pear.

The holiday villages of Ora, Appiano, Caldaro, Cortina and Termeno offer guided apple tours and apple seminars: More information about these interesting events can be obtained after your arrival!