This type of maize is called “Türgg” in Tyrol, “Kukuruz” in Western Austria, “Polenta” in Northern Italy and “Plent” in South Tyrol. Polenta di Caldaro is a polenta grown in the region of Caldaro. Polenta is traditionally grown in Caldaro and is a typical part of Caldaro cuisine. Polenta is enjoyed during the grape harvest in the vineyard and in everyday cooking: polenta with sausage, polenta with goulash, polenta with Gorgonzola, fried egg or polenta re-heated in milk. The forefathers already enjoyed a slice of polenta with a cup of barley coffee for breakfast or as part of a Marende.

This maize originates in the New World and was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. The growing of maize along the river Adige goes back to Empress Maria Theresia. After the draining of the levels around the river Adige she forced those who were given the new land to plant maize because maize dries out marshy ground. Over time the maize fields had to make way for vines and apple trees. In recent times, however, maize fields in Moso di Caldaro have been planted again with Polenta di Caldaro.