AAuer/Ora, Montan/Montagna, Neumarkt/Egna and Salorno/Salurn: Every village has its own flair and charm.
The idyllic and colourful wine village of Auer awaits you with a maze of alleys, massive walls and historic estates. In former times Montan was a popular climatic health resort. Schloss Enn/Castel d'Enna and the ancient narrow streets below provided the ideal environment. Thanks to the Val di Fiemme railway the destination was easily reached. This former railway line is now a walking and cycle path leading through the village. In Neumarkt, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, you stroll beneath 500 year old arcades. These and the Venetian style stately homes give the village a distinctive appearance. Salorno is the southernmost village in South Tyrol and characterised by stately homes and buildings from the Renaissance and the Baroque periods. The splendidly decorated façades and arches of the houses still bear witness to the strong influence of Italian architects.

Discover the holiday villages Auer, Montan, Neumarkt and Salorno!