Winery St. Michael

Umfahrungsstraße 17-19
39057 St. Michael | Eppan
General description

The 340 winemaking families that form the backbone of the winery joined forces in 1907 to create St. Michael-Eppan Winery. Their great passion is the wine with which they have been associated for generations

The St. Michael-Eppan Winery has at its disposal a nice array of top vineyards in South Tyrol's largest wine-growing municipality, Eppan. The entire area is characterized by its multi-purpose and varied soil conditions and wide range of microclimates. Climate, soil and the winemaker: these are the three main factors that make up the terroir (French for “soil”), or the identity of a wine as regards taste. It is in the cellars that the processing of the grapes comes to completion, and it is here that tradition meets innovative winemaking technology.
Respect for the grape is the top priority, too: nothing is more important than accepting the particularities of the individual vineyard sites and the different grape varieties.

Opening times: yearlong
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
2:30 PM - 6:30 PM
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