In the villages of Vilpiano, Settequerce and Terlano asparagus has been grown for centuries. Today 15 asparagus growers in Terlano plant approx. 10 ha of high quality asparagus and sell it under the trade mark and hallmark of excellence Margarete. The elegant looking and extremely mild tasting Terlano asparagus is very popular with the connoisseurs of this white spring vegetable.

Asparagus dishes accompanied by “asparagus wine”
In April and May several restaurants invite visitors to enjoy classic and creative asparagus dishes made with the valuable Margarete asparagus. Fresh asparagus with home-cured ham, boiled potatoes and Bolzano sauce is one of the classics. The meal is accompanied by the fine, mineral containing Terlano “asparagus wine” (Sauvignon) from the Terlano winery.

The Asparagus Experience Programme
In addition to the enjoyment of eating asparagus the asparagus season in Terlano offers a much deeper engagement with this spring vegetable. On hikes visitors discover the work of asparagus growers and the marketing of this fine vegetable. Visiting asparagus fields you can watch the farmer at work, horse-drawn carriage rides offer excursions in the surrounding area.