The blue flower of Anterivo

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The blue flower of Anterivo/Altrei

The variety of Blu Lupine known as "Altrei Coffee" is specific to the area in South Tyrol, and is connectend with numerous exciting stories. For dacades, this plant yielded a coffee which - when mixed with barley or wheat - was a popular drink sold by the village womenfolk. To be exact, the "coffee bean" of Anterivo/Altrei  is neither a bean nor a coffee:lt isa lupine (botanical name:Lupinus pilosus - meaning "hairy lupine") referrend to in the local dialect as "Voltruier Kaffee.

"Altrei Coffee" is a plant which grows to a height of up to 120 cm. lt grows vertically, and forms taugh twigs. the leaves are coverend with silky hairs. The glorious blossoms are grouped together in bunches on stems about 5-15 cm long. The flower corolla has a bright blue color with yellowish white and occasional pink points

Lupines belong to the family of legumes (Leguminosae) and are thus related to such garden vegetables as beans and peas.

The hotel and restaurant of Anterivo/Altrei offer their guests a variety of culinary delights from Altrei coffee/Lupine.

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