Via Ferrata Ziel

Via Zielstraße 11
39020 Partschins/Parcines
General description

Take the Texelbahn cable car directly to the famous Merano High Mountain Trail (no. 24). Heading in a westerly direction towards Nasereit refuge, the via ferrata can easily be reached in around 1 hour on foot. The highlight of the Category C via ferrata is the bridge course with 2 zip lines and a rope bridge. There are exposed sections (difficulty C), otherwise most sections are B to B/C. Due to its fabulous location situated between streams and waterfalls in the pristine Ziel Valley, this via ferrata route is unique in the Texel Group Nature Park. An idyllic climbing highlight for experienced climbers, but also offering adventurous family fun in the mountains.

The new Ziel Via Ferrata route up to the Gingglegg, a rocky promontory behind the Nasereit refuge hut, offers difficulty of up to a maximum of level C over a distance of 500 m. From the Texelbahn mountain station, follow the pleasant path up to the Nasereit Hut, then cross over the bridge and follow the signposts. A forest track leads to the high pastures; red marker points and cairns show the entrance to the via ferrata route (from the Texelbahn a little more than an hour). The first part of the climb, which features two exposed sections (difficulty C) with spectacular views down to the Zielbach stream, is also suitable for families with children with experience of climbing. The gaps between the individual anchor points have been kept especially small. At the exit of this section, climbers reach a grassy knoll by the Zielbach, which can either be crossed by a rope bridge or by zip line (only a climbing harness with via ferrata cable kit required). The zip line is great for families, who can then cross back again via the rope bridge. Red dots mark the descent from the grassy knoll.

In order to reach the second, more difficult section of the via ferrata route, after crossing the Zielbach follow the marker points and you will soon reach the entrance to the upper section. The sloping slab terrain (difficulty B) requires good footwork. At the start there are still footholds - the short left traverse is conquered using the friction technique on small, steep treads (C). The first emergency exit is here. Next comes an initial short steep vertical climb, which again demands excellent footwork. Transferring the carabiner at the end of the steep vertical climb must be planned in advance in order to save energy (C). A short traverse to the right (B) leads to the next overhang (C), which is overcome with the help, among other things, of two metal ladder rungs. An apparently natural foothold on the left-hand side of the ascent facilitates climbing higher. The subsequent left traverse (B) is very exposed and ends at the next steep vertical climb (C). After this, the route continues along easy grassy terrain. Next comes a short section which can be wet, especially after bad weather or longer periods of rain. Two metal ladder rungs help to conquer the steep section (C). Level B challenges come next. A brief right traverse leads to the slightly overhanging key passage (C+), which is passable using artificial climbing aids and strength. A nice scramble (B) with many good handholds leads up to the long right traverse, the most exposed section of the entire climb (C). Even after this traverse there are still some C passages to overcome before the face register is reached. The less steep continuation of the route follows the ridge (B and C) and finally ends at the Gingglegg, a wonderful viewing point with amazing vistas of the Dolomites. The hiking trail leads back down to the Nasereit refuge hut in around 30 minutes and from there back to the starting point.

Tour Info:
Difficulty B and C
Via ferrata length 500 m
Entrance-Exit 250 metres difference in altitude
Time required 2-2½ hours
Good climbing technique and arm strength require

Public transport
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Ziel Via Ferrata in Partschins in the Texel Group Nature Park. Unique via ferrata route in the Ziel Valley in Partschins, close to the Nasereit refuge.
Texelbahn cableway valley station, Rablà/Rabland: all day, at the parking places.
Recommended season
May, June, July, August, September, October
Ferrata Ziel
Tourismusverein Partschins
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