Törggelen is an ancient South Tyrolean custom. At the end of the grape harvest people would sit down to feasts and taste the new wine as well as Suser (grape must before fermentation). The word Törggelen is derived from the Latin word “torquere”, meaning “pressing grapes”.

Today Törggelen has become a highlight in the social calendar of South Tyrol. People meet in tavernas and rustic inns, enjoy good honest tasty meals such as barely soup, Schlutzkrapfen ravioli, sauerkraut and dumplings with sausages, smoked and cured meats, farmer’s doughnuts and roasted chestnuts. This feast is still accompanied by new wine and Suser.

The Original Törggelen
The Original Törggelen invites to culinary delights in the rustic dining room of farmers who grow their own wine and serve their own farmer’s meals. Experience the original Törggelen!