Life between high and low is what keeps South Tyrol in an equilibrium. The mountains make you sure-footed. The water allows you to drift. Delicious food and drink keep body and soul together. And fresh ideas straighten your head. Feeling your body, resting within yourself, thinking deeply or just chilling - what is it that brings back your equilibrium?

April - June. Time for pleasure and activity
Sun-kissed, blessed with an ideal climate and with a dream landscape of vineyards and orchards, peaceful valleys and broad high plateaus in the highlands - there is no other region more worth a visit and where to take some time out for pleasure than the holiday region Bolzano and environs. Here, it is easy to relax into the beautiful and pleasant things in life. Especially in spring, the time of renewal, when it is particularly important to look after one’s body, health and wellbeing, it is time to gain strength and to re-balance one’s vital energy, to ensure a good quality of life and a sustainable way of life for the rest of the year. To this end the holiday region Bolzano and environs has bundled new offers, so you can enjoy spring as it awakens nature from hibernation as early as the end of March, and where it reaches the expansive high plateaus in May and June.

Balance your vital energy with healthy pleasure and activity: Discover the holiday region Bolzano and environs and the spring equilibrium offers.