Around Ora, Montagna, Egna and Salorno flourishes the best wine. The hills around Mazzon and Gleno and also in Pochi/Salorno provide ideal conditions for the Pinot Noir grapes. This most elegant of red wines thrives here, velvety, full-flavoured, long lasting and in many variations. Its rightful place in this region is confirmed by the international Pinot Noir days and nights which take place every year in Montagna and Egna in the holiday region Bolzano and environs.

Pinot Noir:


This king among red Burgundy wines has been grown in South Tyrol since the middle of the 19th century. In medium altitude and not too dry locations this grape develops its full potential and results in well-structured wines that frequently come extraordinarily close to original Burgundy wines.
Typical South Tyrol Pinot Noirs have an intensive aroma of red and dark grapes, spices and violets.
Serving temperature: 14-16 °C
Recommendation: Game, wildfowl, baby lamb, rabbit, roasts, hard cheeses

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