On Shrove Tuesday, one of the final two days of the Carnival season, in uneven years only, Hansl Egetmann is getting married in Tremeno! The Egetmann parade in Termeno is one of the oldest, most curious and most lively carnival traditions that still exists in Tyrol. There is currently an application process under way to recognise the tradition as a Unesco World Heritage.

It is impossible to describe the parade. It simply has to be seen, and only those who have experienced it can truly understand it. It should not merely be seen but experienced. Enter into the fray and the noise, the plethora of deafening and assaulting sights, smells and sounds: the rattling of the snapping creatures, the banging of the Goaßln whips, the hammering of the forge, the clashing and clinking, the clanking of tin and iron, the song of the accordions, the singing, jeering, bellowing, the “Ho Ho” of the Councilmen, the flapping of wet items of laundry, the screeching of the spectators, the smoke from ovens and stoves, the smell of juniper, pine and fir branches, of petrol and exhausts, of chicken feathers and sawdust, dust and soot (afterwards higher fine dust values are measured in Termeno for a short time), of polenta, sausages, omelettes, carnival doughnuts and mulled wine, of steaming horses and flying fish...

In even years there is the children’s Egetmann parade. The same parade, the same spectacle and clamour, just in miniature. Unlike the big parade, where even the women’s roles are played by men, the girls from Termeno also join the fray!

Living tradition
In the holiday region Bolzano and environs customs and traditions are lived fully. Experience them and immerse yourself in them!