Chestnut Trail / Section 5

General description
This section of the "Keschtnweg" leads from the Bilderburg Runkelstein in the provincial capital of Bolzano through the sun-drenched vineyards, past the beautiful wine farms, along the slopes of the Guntschnaberge to the mighty chestnut trees in Glaning and on over the low mountain range above the Etsch Valley to Terlan and Vilpian.

Distance: 27.5 km
Metres in altitude ascent: 1,446 m
Metres in altitude descent: 1,511 m
Average walking time: 9.40 hours

The hike begins at the car park or bus stop below Runkelstein Castle. From there you walk over a bridge and turn left, past allotment gardens, until you reach the valley station of the Jenesien cable car (currently closed). Continue on hiking trail no. 2, which leads very steeply over the access road to the Rafenstein castle ruins, past the Sandner Hof farm and after about 80 m you turn into hiking trail no. 1 B. The trail leads into the farmyards of Jenesien (currently closed). The trail leads to the farm access road above the church of St. Jakob im Sand.
Hiking trail 1A leads moderately steeply above St. Georgen. Now follow the narrow farm access road to the right and after about 100 m the hiking trail (5A) branches off to the left in the direction of Fagenbach and you reach the Winterle farm. Now follow trail no. 5, cross the country road and climb up a steeper section to Glaninger Straße. Then continue to the junction with trail no. 9. In a few minutes you reach the little church of St. Martin in Glaning.
From Glaning, you now hike in a westerly direction, branch off to the right (no. 11), cross the Mauritiusbach stream and from there descend again onto the asphalted road. Above the Noafer inn, follow trail no. 9 to the Schmalzhof farm and then follow the trail in a left-hand direction. After another short climb, you reach the main road again and follow it uphill for a short distance until you reach the "Moar in Rumsein" farm. Then follow trail no. 9 and after about 200 m of descent, always following the asphalt farm access road, turn right and descend over a few hairpin bends to a bridge. You then reach the Lanzoner Hof farm. Follow the road to the left for about 500 m until you reach the Wegscheider farm. The path now leads first to the right to a fenced water reservoir, then briefly uphill to a path on the left (signposted Terlan). Follow the signpost no. 8 B in the direction of Verschneid. Then turn left onto trail no. 4 A in a westerly direction until you reach the road to Mölten.

Note: If you do not want to descend to Terlan, you can choose trail no. 4 A here in a westerly direction to "Ober-Tschirggl", which then continues to Vilpian.

Now you begin the descent to Terlan. Follow the Mölten road to the left and then trail no. 4 to the right. Past the Liebeneich estate of the Counts of Enzenberg, the trail continues to the left to the Köstenholz estate and you reach the centre of Terlan.
The last section of the "Keschtnweg" now leads from the centre of Terlan to Vilpian. From the Terlan parish church, follow Kirchgasse on the right and turn left into Silberleitenweg (no. 4A). You quickly overcome the difference in altitude and then look out for trail marker no. 1 A, which continues to the left in a westerly direction. You now walk along the road from Vorberg until you reach Scholer Hof. From Scholer Hof, follow trail no. 1 A for a short distance and turn left onto trail no. 1. This leads to a fork in the road, where you can take the steep descent to the left down to the provincial fire brigade school (only for experienced hikers) or take the easy trail no. 1 down to the cable car valley station in Vilpian. Both paths take you to the centre of Vilpian.
Chestnut Trail | Stage 5 From Bolzano to Terlan/Vilpian
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