The architecture of any region tells its own story - as do the historical monuments and houses in the holiday region Bolzano and environs. The arcades are the iconic landmarks of the trading town of Bolzano. They were built for the protection of goods and characterise the picture of the town centre. The façades are decorated with oriels, paintings and Gothic and Rococo elements. On the other side of the river Talvera Bolzano new town was developed after WWI. It is characterised by elements of the fascist regime. The imposing victory monument, the court buildings and the Lido swimming pool are evidence of this. The buildings are all stern, modern, pompous and rather cold.

The wine villages are in an altogether different style. In the 16th and 17th century builders adopted elements of German Gothic and Italian Renaissance and developed a style known as Oltradige style. Double arched windows, oriels, loggias and outside staircases are characteristic of this style.