Customs and traditions shape the country and the people of South Tyrol. South Tyroleans like to wear a national costume. A special costume is the Sarentino costume, the “Bavarian dress” or the “Bavarian”, as the Sarentino costume is called at home. The costume for women is colourful and very detailed with hand-embroidered bodice and the “Seidenfürtig” side apron. The “Tiechl” (kerchief) is the most noticeable individual decoration and is colour coded to match the colour of the apron. The women wear rather plain boots - unlike the men who wear quill-embroidered shoes. The men wear a pair of milled leather trousers with an elaborately quill-embroidered “Fatsche” (belt) and equally elaborately decorated “Kraxen” (braces). The black hat is decorated with a red or green bow: red, if he is still single, green, if he is married.

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