Church St. Justina

Rathausplatz/Piazza Municipio 1
39057 Eppan/Appiano
General description

About 1300 the Boymont family built a small church on this spot and employed the chaplain Perdonig. From the 18th century onwards, the chaplain was resident here, and travelled back and forward to Perdonig. Today, a pensioned dean lives here and reads the mass. Architectural style: parts of the walls at the entrance, from the Romanesque, and wall frescoes in the apse in the eastern part have been preserved. The apse was renovated at a later date. You can also find Baroque red chalk inscriptions and two square windows that are set into an arch. The late Gothic tower has a pyramid shaped roof. The entrance in the eastern part was given a stone frame between 1645 and 1649. Peculiarities: the carved altar and the pictures and relieves from the 16th and 17th century are well worth seeing. The early Gothic gravestone of the Boymont family, which has been moved to the Bozen Town Museum, came from this church. Walking: if you walk to Paulser Aich, or from Eppan/Berg towards St Pauls, you will pass this beautiful little church. It can also be incorporated into walks to Perdonig or Boymont and Festenstein, Hocheppan and Schloss Korb (starting in St Pauls). An ideal starting point is the hotel and restaurant St Justinahof.

description to arrive at destination

By car:

The A 22 Brenner toll motorway is the most direct route into the south of South Tyrol holiday region. Exit at Bolzano South (Sud) and take the MEBO dual carriageway in the direction of Merano/Meran as far as the exit for Appiano/Eppan. Follow the signs to St. Pauls and Street S. Giustina 48.

By rail/ bus:

All trains travelling the Brenner route stop at Bolzano. Exit the station, turn left and the bus station is on the opposite side of the road. There are regular bus services to St Pauls.

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The best family-tips for your holiday
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