Statue of Maria Weißenstein

General description

The saga of Weissenstein depicts the life of the religious farmer Leonhard. He was very ill and fell into a ravine. The Mother of God appeared to him and promised to safe him, if he built a chapel in her honor. The Mother of God told him: "So that you don't doubt my promise, i will leave you in this cave for nine more days and nights, without meat and drink. On the ninth day your family will find you. But don't forget my words!".

It happened how the Mother of God predicted, but Leonhard forgot to built the chapel and became ill again. From that moment on a light was shining where Leonhard fell in the cave and nobody had an explanation why. Leonhard eventually remembered his promise to the Mother of God. He quickly began to build the chapel and was then cured from his illness. When digging he found a little statue which represented the Mother of God. Leonhard continued to finish bulding and placed the statue in the chapel.

Soon after Maria Weissenstein became a popular place of pilgrimage. In 1787 the statue of the Mother of God was relocated to the church of Laives/Leifers.

Open: yearlong
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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