The church of our Lady of Villa

General description
Evidence of a church in this area dates back to the mid-13th century, but the construction of the building as we know it today began in 1412 when the choir loft was built by Konrad von Neumarkt. It was completed when the vault was finished at the beginning of the 16th century. The façade of the church is dominated by the bell tower, which stands above the entrance and forms a vestibule leading to the entrance portal. Next to it, a niche for donations is decorated with a fresco of a Madonna and Child, and on the west side of the tower, a small wooden roof protects a fresco of St. Christopher with the Child Jesus. The interior of the church looks light and elegant. Light streams through eight windows, four of which belong to the choir. Of particular value are the Gothic tabernacle and the pulpit base. Of the frescoes in the interior that have survived the test of time, those on the south wall are attributed to the painter Konrad Waider at the beginning of the 16th century. Coat of arms paintings of the Payr of Caldiff and Khuen mark their tombs on the north side of the nave. In 1767, the church was desecrated because the Trudner Bach, which had overflowed its banks, had destroyed a large part of the interior. As a result, it was used, among other things, as a storeroom. Around the middle of the last century, people became aware of the artistic value of the building, restored it, and consecrated it again. Today the church "Unsere Liebe Frau in der Vill" is considered one of the most beautiful late Gothic churches in the country.
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Highway A22, exit Egna/Ora, direction Villa

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