Church Hl. Mauritius in Sella

MIndelheimerstraße/Via MIndelheim 10A
39040 Termeno - Tramin
General description

The left nave is Romanesque. The high altar was built around 1520. The left side nave is Gothic. The altar there contains picture panels of Adam and Eve, probably from Bartlmä Dill Riemenschneider.

description to arrive at destination

From the highway exit A22 Neumarkt-Auer-Tramin take the first exit at the roundabout and follow the signs to Termeno - Tramin. Once you reach the village, look for the sign named "Sella - Söll". It is a small part of the village up in the mountains, about 2km from the main village. When you are in Sella - Söll, you can park your car at Restaurant "Plattenhof". From there it is a short walk to the Church.

always open: yearlong
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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The best family-tips for your holiday
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