Maria Rast Chapel

Rathausplatz/Piazza Municipio 1
39057 Eppan/Appiano
General description

Maria Rast Chapel: the church can be found just outside the village, on the path of the same name. History: this is the first historical church building in the area. In 1874 Josef Vonstadl, the diocese architect designed the building, and it was built shortly after. The neo romantic style is clearly visible, the bell wall, cross vaulting, arched windows and much more. In the yard, if you look carefully, you will the mosaic Stations of the Cross made by the local artist Robert Scherer. Architectural style: this small church is a well-loved place of pilgrimage, even today. Marriages also take place here. Walking: a walk around this area is well worth it as it is not too strenuous. On longer walks from Girlan to St Michael, you can stop at this delightful little church.

Church Maria Rast: yearlong
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