Parish church of Assumption

Möltnerstraße/Via Meltina 1
39010 Mölten/Meltina
General description

The Möltner church Maria Himmelfahrt celebrates its Patriozinium on the 15. August. Only the bottom part of the bell tower is left of the once Romanesque construction. The church was Gothicised in the 15th century and expanded in 1651 in a Renaissance style. Especially impressive is the crowning Mariens on the high altar (late Gothic) and the gothic Predella at the side altar which represents Maria's death (from Michael Pacher's school)

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The parish church of the Assumption is located at the very end of the street Via Krumergass/Krumergass at the opposite of the grocery Krumer in the centre of the small alpine village Meltina/Mölten.

The parish church of the Assumption is opened throughout the whole year.: yearlong
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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